Visiting Vouchers

HART Services can issue vouchers for local travel by taxi within Casino and Lismore areas for special purposes, such as:

Each voucher is worth $10.00 and the amount issued will be determined on your enquiry.

HART Services Visiting Vouchers may be used to travel by taxi within Casino and Lismore. They can be used to visit a loved one in a hospital, a nursing home or someone who is housebound. You can also use them to attend support groups, attend a funeral or visit a cemetery.

To obtain more vouchers you must ring to request them, but please no sooner than one month from your last issue. These vouchers do not expire.

How to book a taxi


You need to phone the Taxi Company in your town to make your booking.


Tell the Taxi Company and the driver that you are using “HART Services Visiting Vouchers”

Each voucher is worth $10.00. You may use one or more vouchers at a time, but please be aware no change will be given for vouchers used.

Order Visiting Vouchers